Murdered Whilst Making A Cup Of Tea

On April 22nd, 2018 mother of three 28-year-old Hollie Kerrell disappeared from her home in Wales. Hollie’s husband Chris Kerrell began to send out text messages to family and friends expressing his concerns when Hollie failed to return home after a fight between the couple.

Chris told police that Hollie had left to start a new life after their fight but detectives weren’t convinced that this was the case. A team of 25 detectives began investigating Hollie’s disappearance within hours of it being reported and that’s when detectives discovered that Chris had bought a mop, bucket and bleach while Hollie was still missing.

Detectives went from house to house to ask the neighbours about Hollie and Chris’ relationship which many described as volatile. Neighbours also reported that the couple had been fighting in their driveway the day before Hollie’s disappearance where Chris had threatened to drive over her mobile phone.

Police began looking into Hollie’s bank statements and saw that there were two purchases made from her cards after her disappearance. CCTV footage showed Chris using Hollie’s cards to buy the mop, bucket and bleach. After asking the public for their assistance, police discovered that Chris had been seen dumping clothes in the school’s clothing bins.

Police decided to arrest Chris for Hollie’s murder but they needed a confession since they had no body. Chris claimed his innocence saying “if I knew where she was, I wouldn’t be sitting here”. During the interrogation, police decided to expand their team to 60 detectives and they searched the marital home where police discovered a hammer in the kitchen bin but there was no blood within the house.

Then police got the big break they were waiting for after a member of the public reported that they had seen Chris on an isolated property far away from any homes. The witness asked Chris what he was doing and he said that he was burying his dead dog. Police found out that the isolated property belonged to Chris’ family and they went and searched the area. After a couple of hours of digging, they found Hollie Kerrell’s body wrapped in a child’s Thomas the tank engine duvet and buried in a shallow grave. Later a pathologist confirmed that Hollie had been struck with a hammer to the back of her head, she also had injuries to her neck and throat.

Detectives decided it was time to put more pressure on Chris about the murder. They started showing him photos of Hollie’s body and asking him questions like why did he wrap the body in a duvet to which he would reply “no comment”. Then unexpectedly six days after Hollie was reported missing, Chris told detectives “I am holding up my hands now and admitting that I murdered Hollie Kerrell”.

Chris murdered his estranged wife after they were arguing in the kitchen, he then went to the garage got a hammer then went back into the kitchen where Hollie was making a cup of tea, he hit Hollie over the head with the hammer then strangled her to death whilst their children were playing outside. Chris then finished the cup of tea that Hollie was making before wrapping her body up in a duvet, he then made the children lunch before putting them in his car and Hollie’s body in the boot before he drove to his mother’s farm where he would bury her body.

Chris Kerrell was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 25 years.

Rest In Peace Hollie Kerrell.

The Inventor And The Journalist

On August 10th, 2017 Swedish journalist Kim Wall was meant to attend a going-away party for herself and her boyfriend who were leaving Copenhagen to move to Beijing. After months of no contact, Wall had received an invite to go on Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s self-made submarine from 7 pm to 9 pm. It came to light after the fact that Madsen had invited three other women on his submarine that day but they all declined.

After Wall failed to return home her boyfriend called the police to report her missing. The Danish Navy began a search for the submarine and at 10:30 am on August 11th, 2017 the submarine was located. Strangely enough, Madsen was seen jumping from the submarine as it sank, he told police that he had dropped Wall ashore the night before. But Madsen’s stories began to unravel over the coming months when between August 21st and November 29th, 2017 parts of Kim Wall’s dismembered body were found in different areas around the location where she had disappeared.

After Wall’s torso was found washed up ashore in Copenhagen, it was discovered that she had more than a dozen stab wounds in and around her genitals this led to Madsen changing his story saying that a heavy hatch in the submarine had fallen and hit Wall on the head killing her so he buried her at sea.

Divers eventually found Wall’s severed head in a weighted bag but they did not find any blunt force trauma to her skull which meant Madsen’s second story of Wall dying after being struck on the head with a heavy hatch was a lie. This led to Madsen changing his story for the third time, he was now saying that Wall died from carbon monoxide poisoning on board the submarine and that he had dismembered her body but he maintained his innocence saying that he did not murder her.

After a well-publicised trial, Peter Madsen was found guilty of premeditated murder, sexual assault and the mishandling of a corpse. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2018. In October 2020 Madsen broke out of prison by using a fake gun and bomb to escape but he was caught not long after and near the prison. In 2021, a court sentenced him to a further 21 months for the escape.

After years of saying that Wall’s death was an accident, Madsen finally admitted to her murder to a journalist who had been secretly recording their conversations. He was recorded saying “There is only one who is guilty and that is me”.

Rest In Peace Kim Wall.

No Honour Code: The Torture Of Giuseppe di Matteo

Giuseppe di Matteo was 12 years old when the Sicilian Mafia kidnapped him in 1993. The Cosa Nostra members were disguised as police officers and promised Giuseppe that they would take him to his father Santino, who was in police protection at the time because he had agreed to testify against his former associates in the mafia.

The disguised Mafia members were Giovanni Brusca who had murdered up to 200 people and Salvatore Riina. The kidnappers tortured Giuseppe between 1993 and 1996 before they murdered him.

To begin with, the Mafia’s main goal was to get Santino to stop assisting the police after he was arrested for taking part in the murder of judge Giovanni Falcone. Following his arrest, Santino agreed to assist the police in their investigation by revealing all the details of the assassination and testifying against the Mafia in Falcone’s case.

Giuseppe di Matteo’s kidnapping was an attempt to intimidate his father into retracting the testimony given in his deposition. Giuseppe was kept in a cage, beaten and given very little food. The mafia would often send Santino photos of his son during the years of torture. Santino desperately tried to negotiate with them to save his child but to no avail.

Finally, after holding the boy for 779 days and with Santino’s legally-binding deposition still on the books, Brusca gave Giuseppe di Matteo’s captors the final order to “get rid of the puppy.”

The mobsters then strangled the young boy to death. He was said to be so weak and exhausted by this point that he didn’t even try to resist them. Afterwards, they dissolved his body in acid to ensure that the body would never be discovered.

Giovanni Brusca was arrested in May 1996 after being convicted the previous year for detonating the car bomb that killed judge Falcone.

For his cooperation, Giuseppe‘s father Santino was released from prison in March of 2002. Even after many people warned him that he was a “dead man walking” for betraying the Mafia but he still refused to go into hiding. Santino decided to return to his home just south of Palermo with his wife.

In a recent interview, Santino said he would never forgive himself for what happened to his son. “I think about it every day,” he said. “How can there be people so evil to treat a child this way?”

He continued, “I always thought that Guiseppe was going to be out of the Mafia circle. He loved animals and he always wanted to be a vet. He had a real passion.”

But after his son was kidnapped, he knew deep down the boy would never come home again.

He said, “When people get involved in stuff like this, it’s most likely they are never coming back.”

In July 2018 a court in Sicily ruled that Giuseppe di Matteo’s family will receive 2.2 million dollars in damages for his death from the Italian government’s fund that’s set up to compensate Mafia victims.

Giuseppe di Matteo’s death sent shockwaves throughout Italy, especially since the child was so young when he was murdered. It went against what many believed to be the Mafia’s “code of honour” that women and children should not be harmed.

Rest In Peace Giuseppe di Matteo.

The Women In The Woods

Dayton Leroy Rogers had a criminal history that began when he was 16 years old. He was caught with a friend shooting at cars passing by in order to try and break their windshields. Rogers stayed out of trouble until he was 19 years old when he stabbed a 15-year-old girl on their second date and then proposed marriage, he pled guilty to second-degree assault and was sentenced to 4 years probation. At 20 years old Rogers attacked two teenage girls with a beer bottle but he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and instead was committed to the Oregon State Hospital but after 8 months he was released.

Three months after being released from the Oregon State Hospital, Rogers met Sherry Miller and after 7 months of dating, they got married. Two months after getting married in December 1975, Rogers raped an 18-year-old girl and he was indicted at the start of 1976 but was allowed to remain free until his trial which was scheduled to begin in May. However in February, just one month after being indicted for the December rape he attacked two teenage girls and raped one of the girls.

In May, he was acquitted of the December rape charge. In June, his parole was revoked for the previous stabbing assault. In August, he was acquitted of the February rape charge but was found guilty of two counts of coercion and was sentenced to five years in prison. Rogers was paroled in 1982.

On August 7th, 1987 Rogers had picked up Jennifer Lisa Smith who was a sex worker and drug addict. They had pulled into a Denny’s parking lot when Rogers began stabbing Smith in the breasts, abdomen and back. Smith fell out of the car screaming which could be heard by patrons at Denny’s restaurant, some of the patrons called the police, others came to her aid and other patrons got into their cars to block Rogers from leaving the scene but Rogers drove over the garden to get out of the parking lot. One of the witnesses followed Rogers to his home and then called the police to give them his address and he was arrested. Meanwhile, Smith died in the hospital from her severe injuries.

Then on August 31st, 1987 a hunter was walking through Molalla Forest when he came across a decomposed body. After calling authorities, the police began a search of the area which went for 5 days. During the search, they discovered another 6 decomposed bodies. Police also found mini bottles of vodka and bottles of orange juice in the Molalla Forest where the 7 bodies were found. All 7 victims had been tortured, stabbed, mutilated and were left in the forest naked.

Detectives went and interviewed any prostitutes in the area who knew Smith and they found 11 women who were able to pick Rogers out of a photo lineup. One of the prostitutes said that Rogers had a foot fetish and that he was aroused by the arches of a woman’s foot. Nearly all the prostitutes that were interviewed by police said that Rogers would pick them up and put a mini bottle of vodka into a bottle of orange juice, he would then tie the women up and torture them or have rough sex with them.

Then a tip from one of Rogers’ relatives to the police led them to Rogers auto-repair shop where they sifted through the ashes in his woodstove. Police discovered some clothes and belongings of the victims found in the forest. Although they knew that Rogers had killed the 7 victims from the Molalla Forest, they still didn’t have quite enough evidence to charge him with the murders.

In 1988, Rogers was found guilty of the murder of Jennifer Lisa Smith and sentenced to life in prison. Then in 1989, Rogers was finally charged and found guilty of murdering 6 of the 7 victims found in the Molalla Forest. He was sentenced to death.

Rest In Peace Cynthia Diane DeVore, Maureen Ann Hodges, Reatha Marie Gyles, Nondace Kae Cervantes, Lisa Marie Mock, Christine Lotus Adams and Jennifer Lisa Smith.

Former Royal Dresser Turned Boyfriend Killer

Jane Andrews was born in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire as the youngest of three children. During her teenage years, Andrews struggled with depression, panic attacks and an eating disorder which led to her attempting to commit suicide by overdosing at the age of 15 years old. Then when Andrews was 17 she fell pregnant and decided to have an abortion, which she has admitted was a traumatic experience to go through.

After finishing school Andrews enrolled in a fashion course which would lead to her getting a job designing children clothes at Mark’s & Spencer. At 21 years old Andrews came across an advertisement for a job as a personal dresser, 6 months later she was interviewed and then 4 days after being interviewed she began her new job as the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s personal dresser. She worked for the Duchess of York from 1988 till 1997, during her employment it was alleged that Andrews stole over $250,000 worth of jewellery from the Duchess of York’s suitcase in 1995 but this allegation has never been proven.

After a failed marriage and numerous failed relationships with high profile men that she met through her work, Andrews fell into a deep depression and ended up overdosing like she did when she was 15 years old. Then in 1998, a mutual friend introduced Andrews to Thomas Cressman, a former stockbroker who mixed with London’s elite socialites. It’s thought that because Andrews was struggling financially she moved into Cressman’s home early on in their relationship.

In September 2000, Andrews and Cressman went on a holiday to Italy where Andrews was expecting Cressman to propose to her but instead of that, she was told by Cressman that he had no intention of ever marrying her. After returning home on September 17th, 2000 the couple got into a heated argument which led to Cressman calling the police to tell them that “somebody is going to get hurt”, the police never responded to this call. Then whilst Cressman was asleep Andrews hit him with a cricket bar and then stabbed him to death.

After fleeing the murder scene, Andrews sent out messages to friends asking about Cressman’s wellbeing and whereabouts, acting like she had no idea that she had just killed him in his bed. Then Andrews disappeared for 4 days until police found her overdosed in her car, she survived this suspected suicide attempt and was brought in for questioning about the murder. Andrews told police that Cressman was being blackmailed and that she had no involvement in his murder, the police didn’t believe her and she was arrested and charged with his murder.

On April 23rd, 2001 Jane Andrews went on trial for the murder of her boyfriend Thomas Cressman. Prosecutors argued that Andrews was a woman scorned because Cressman was refusing to marry her but Andrews testified in her defence saying that Cressman was abusive during their relationship. After 12 hours of jury deliberations, Jane Andrews was found guilty of Thomas Cressman’s murder and sentenced to life in prison.

In November 2009, Andrews escaped from the East Sutton Park Prison in Kent and 3 days later she was recaptured in a hotel room where she was found to be with her family. On June 19th, 2015 Andrews was released from prison on licence with the intention of her being transitioned back into mainstream society but her licence was revoked in 2018 after she was accused of harassing a former partner, these claims were never proven to be true. On August 8th, 2019 Jane Andrews was released from prison on the condition that she resides in a bail hostel. Andrews now resides in Lincolnshire and recently was quoted as saying “I will always regret what I did – it was a terrible thing to do. But I deserve to live the rest of my life without always looking over my shoulder”.

Rest In Peace Thomas Cressman.

Corpsewood: The Devils Manor

After his 50th birthday, Charles Scudder quit his job as a professor of pharmacology at Loyola University in Chicago and moved with his partner Joseph Odom to a 40-acre piece of land just outside of Summerville, Georgia. The couple lived in a trailer home on the property whilst they had their home which would become known by its name Corpsewood Manor built, they also had a 3 story chicken coop built with the top floor being called the pink room.

The pink room was known as a place where the couple would entertain guests with their homemade wine and reported satanic rituals and devil-worshipping. One of the guests to the pink room was 17-year-old Kenneth Brock, who had met the couple after he asked if he could hunt on their property and they said yes. Brock came to believe that Scudder and Odom were wealthy because of their living situation but the truth was that they had spent all of their money building their home in Georgia.

After Brock moved into his friend Samuel West’s trailer home, he told West that Scudder and Odom were “queer devil-worshipers” who were hiding a fortune on their isolated property and the two friends decided to make a plan to rob the couple and start a new life. On December 12th, 1982 Brock and West went to Brock’s mothers home to borrow a rifle, they said it was for hunting rabbits but that was a lie.

Also on this night teenagers, Joey Wells and Teresa Hudgins were meant to be going out on a date but when Hudgins walked outside her home to meet Wells he was accompanied by Brock and West to her surprise. Wells told her that they were going to go to Corpsewood Manor for a get-together and Hudgins reluctantly agreed to go along. On the way to the property, the group decided to huff a mixture of paint thinner, alcohol and glue which is known as toot-a-loo.

Once the 4 arrived at Corpsewood Manor they were warmly welcomed by Scudder and then they all went to the pink room where they drank Scudder and Odom’s homemade wine whilst Odom was in the house making dinner for the group. After they ran out of homemade wine Brock went to his truck to get more toot-a-loo but instead, he returned with the rifle to which Scudder giggled and said “bang, bang” believing it was a joke.

Scudder was threatened at knifepoint to give Brock and West his fortune, he responded by telling them there was no fortune. Then Brock went into the home and shot Odom four times, killing him and then Brock went into the lounge and killed the couples two mastiffs who were sleeping by the fireplace. Scudder was then bound and gagged before being taken into the kitchen to see his partner lying dead on the kitchen floor surrounded by a pool of blood.

Hudgins tried to run out of the home to escape the terror but she was chased and bought back to the home where she was made to sit next to Scudder who asked her if she was okay, then West held the rifle up to Scudder’s head and Scudder said: “I asked for this” before West shot him in the head five times. Scudder’s last words have always been seen as a cryptic message or perhaps a premonition, especially since just months before his murder he had painted a self-portrait where he was gagged with bullets in his head.

After the murders, Brock and West fled from the home in Scudder’s car and held Wells and Hudgins captive until they decided to flee the state to Mississippi where they kidnapped Navy lieutenant Kirby Phelps from a rest stop so that they could swap getaway cars but then West shot Phelps twice killing him. The friends decided to split up and flee separately.

Meanwhile, a friend of Scudder and Odom’s had gone around to their home and ended up finding them murdered. This is when Wells and Hudgins escaped from wherever they were being held and they went to the police to tell them what had happened on December 12th. A manhunt for Brock and West was underway.

On December 20th, 1982 Kenneth Brock turned himself into police in Georgia. On December 25th, 1982 Samuel West turned himself into police in Tennessee. During West’s interview with the police, he said “all I can say is they were devils and I killed them, that’s how I feel about it”. Both men were found guilty of the murders and sentenced to life in prison.

Rest In Peace Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom.

Predator With A Plan

One day in December 2008, pensioner Vonne McGlynn suddenly had a stranger knocking aggressively at her front door, she didn’t open the door so the stranger walked around to the back of the house and kept knocking aggressively on her windows and doors. Eventually, McGlynn asked the stranger what they wanted, the stranger was her neighbour Angelika Gavare and what she wanted was to be McGlynn’s carer by demanding she pays her to be her carer, McGlynn rejected her demands and Gavare leaves the premises.

The next day Gavare returned to McGlynn’s home whilst she was out doing her shopping, Gavare climbed onto the roof to get into the house where she waited for McGlynn to return home. Once McGlynn walked into the home Gavare beat her to death with a blunt object, she left McGlynn’s dead body and then returned the next day to dispose of the body.

When she returned the next day Gavare moved McGlynn’s dead body into a shed on her property and used a saw to dismember her. She then wrapped the dismembered body parts and used her daughter’s pram to dump them into the bushland across from their homes.

After McGlynn was reported missing, Gavare told police that McGlynn had gone away and that she wasn’t sure when she would be returning. She also told police that her neighbour had given her permission to access her bank account so that she can redecorate her home whilst she is away, neither the police nor the bank believed this statement and this is what led to the police opening up an investigation into Gavare.

Police searched McGlynn’s house and found a fridge full of food, her glasses were still in the home and they found documents that they would later discover were forged that gave Gavare power of attorney. Police believed that Gavare wanted to steal McGlynn’s home to sell it and to steal her savings but something that was even more concerning was Gavare’s Google search history which included searches for how DNA works and previous murders.

After deciding to search Gavare’s home police discovered some of McGlynn’s property in her home including a Balinese style table and a toaster. Police also discovered a handwritten note by Gavare that said “I deeply regret what I have done in the past last month”. Police then conducted a full-scale search of the area and they found dismembered body parts that would later be identified as Vonne McGlynn. Still to this day her head and hands have never been recovered.

Angelika Gavare was arrested for the murder of Vonne McGlynn, she was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 32 years. In 2015 Gavare was charged with assaulting someone in prison but the details are scarce.

Rest In Peace Vonne McGlynn.

A Charismatic Man With A Dark Side

As a teenager Shawn Grate was known as a charming, laid back guy who got a lot of attention from the opposite sex but what people didn’t know was that underneath his charming, laid back persona he had a rage deep inside him that was about to be released.

At 18 years old Grate was arrested for grabbing his girlfriend by the throat. Then a few years later he was arrested for breaking into his 17-year-old girlfriends home and choking her, eight months later he was arrested again after he broke into that same girlfriends home and hid under the couch before jumping out with a butchers knife.

By Grate’s mid-20s his behaviour had become more erratic, he went on to have 3 children with 3 different women and he even threatened his ex-wife Amber Bowman saying that “if I can’t see my daughter, no one will”. He then moved on from Bowman and began dating Christina Hildreth after a few months he became jealous, controlling and violent towards Hildreth. It’s reported that Grate beat Hildreth up numerous times by punching her in the face and choking her. He would eventually be arrested and spend 180 days in jail for the attacks.

He also had a history of erratic behaviour in his friendships, once he asked a now-former friend for a loan and when that friend said no he sent a message that said: “meet the other me”. In 2015 Grate met sex worker Rebekah Leicy at a bar he would later strangle Leicy after she stole $4 from him, her death was originally ruled as a drug overdose. Also in 2015 Grate’s girlfriend Candice Cunningham disappeared but her family never filed a missing person report because they believed she had just moved states, she would later be found behind a burned down house after Grate showed authorities where he disposed of her body once he was arrested. A cause of death has never been released.

A month before Grate was arrested, Elizabeth Griffith who knew Grate from a community service centre they both attended. Phone records show that Griffith called Grate on the day she disappeared, her body would later be discovered in Grate’s house. He strangled her to death. A week before Grate was arrested, Stacey Stanley had a flat tire when Grate stopped to help her change the tire, Stanley then gave Grate a lift home and she was never seen again. Her body would later be discovered in Grate’s house, she had been strangled to death.

Then on September 13th, 2016 the Ashland Police Department received a phone call from a woman who we now know as Jane Doe, she was whispering saying that she had been kidnapped and was currently tied up next to her abductor who was asleep. As she didn’t know the address of the house where she was being held, she described the surroundings outside like the Fourth Street laundromat. The operator asked her if there’s any way she can get out of the house? She said she wasn’t sure if she could without waking her abductor, then as the operator was talking Jane Doe through potentially trying to escape out of the house, Jane Doe knocked her abductor’s taser off of the bedside table which woke him up but he went straight back to sleep.

Once the police arrive at the house they learn that Jane Doe had been held captive by Shawn Grate and that she had been tied up, raped and tortured for 3 days. That’s also when police found the dead bodies of Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffith in the house.

Grate was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. Originally Grate wasn’t giving detectives any information but after persistent questioning, he finally confessed to the murder of Rebekah Leicy, Candice Cunningham, Elizabeth Griffith, Stacey Stanley and a fifth victim who had been murdered in 2007, Dana Lowrey. He also said that he never planned on killing Jane Doe because he believed they were going to get married.

On May 7th, 2018 Shawn Grate was found guilty of murdering Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffith, he was sentenced to death. On March 1st, 2019 Shawn Grate pled guilty to murdering Rebekah Leicy and Candice Cunningham, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus 17 years. On September 11th, 2019 Shawn Grate pled guilty to murdering Dana Lowrey, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Shawn Grate is scheduled to be executed on March 19th, 2025.

Rest In Peace Rebekah Leicy, Candice Cunningham, Elizabeth Griffith, Stacey Stanley and Dana Lowrey.

“Daddy Shot Mummy”: The Son Who Saw His Dad Murder His Mum

Married couple Michael and Bonnie Haim worked together at Michael’s aunt Eveann’s construction supply company. Eveann has regularly stated that she witnesses Michael being abusive towards Bonnie, there was even an incident in the car park where Michael had slammed Bonnie’s hand in the car door during an argument.

Having had enough of the abuse Bonnie put into place a plan to leave her husband for good. She opened up a secret bank account but Michael found out and made her close it so she decided to give money to a friend to hold onto instead, she also put a deposit down on an apartment and enrolled her 3-year-old son Aaron in a new preschool.

Her plans fell apart on January 6th, 1993 when she arrived home from work around 7:30 pm before she was meant to head over to Eveann’s house to finalise details for a coworkers baby shower but Bonnie called Eveann at 8:30 pm crying and told her she wouldn’t be able to come over tonight because she and Michael had been in an argument. She told Eveann that she would see her in the morning at work but the next day Bonnie didn’t show up for work and Michael called in sick.

Bonnie’s handbag was discovered in a dumpster at a motel near the Jacksonville airport, it still had all her money, cards and ID in it which made police believe that it was not a robbery. Michael then told police that Bonnie had left the home the night before at 11 pm after they argued, he then called his mother Carol to come over and watch Aaron whilst he goes out and looks for Bonnie. According to Carol, he was gone for about 45 minutes before returning home without Bonnie and he never called the police to report her missing. Then the next day Michael called in sick to work but still didn’t report his wife missing.

After the discovery of Bonnie’s handbag authorities searched the Jacksonville airport and found her car but the position of the driver’s seat suggested that a much taller person had been driving the vehicle, authorities also discovered a footprint on the driver’s side foot mat which they believed belonged to Michael since they were able to match the print to a rare style of athletic shoe which he owned.

Since the authorities weren’t making any progress in the case they decided to get a child psychologist to interview Michael and Bonnie’s 3-year-old son Aaron. He told the psychologist that his dad had pushed his mum down, shot her and that his father took him to dispose of his mother’s body where he also threw the shotgun he killed her with off of a bridge. Authorities believed that based on what Aaron told them that Bonnie was most likely the victim of a domestic fight with her husband and then he disposed of her body. Bonnie’s father did not believe that Aaron was telling the truth to the police because he had lied before, he believed his daughter had willingly left and was still alive.

Michael’s family believed he had hurt his wife and they tried to get custody of Aaron, during the custody dispute a judge decided to put Aaron in a foster home. Eventually, Michael’s parental rights were terminated because the judge felt that Aaron was the only witness and therefore was at risk of being abused by his father. Aaron would later be adopted by the Fraser family and then in 2005 Aaron and his adopted parents sued Michael in a civil lawsuit for Bonnie’s death and he was ordered to pay $26.3 million in damages and he was also given the ownership of his childhood home where he says his mother was killed.

In December 2014 whilst renovating his childhood home, Aaron was excavating the backyard when he found human remains. After DNA testing was completed in August 2015 authorities were able to identify the human remains as Bonnie Haim’s which led to Michael Haim being arrested and charged with his wife’s murder.

After years of delays, Michael’s trial began on April 8th, 2019. Numerous witnesses including Aaron, his family and two jail informants testified against Michael with the informants saying that Michael admitted to murdering his wife and burying her body in the backyard. Michael testified in his own defence and denied having any involvement in Bonnie’s murder. On April 12, 2019, Michael Haim was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Rest In Peace Bonnie Haim.

Dardeen Family Murders

On November 18th, 1987 Russell Dardeen had not shown up for work, concern about his welfare his work called the police and asked them to do a welfare check. When police arrived at Russell’s trailer home they found his pregnant wife Elaine gagged with duct tape and son Peter brutally murdered, they had been beaten with a baseball bat. Elaine had been so brutally murdered that she went into labour and had given birth to a baby girl who had also been beaten by the murderer.

Since police couldn’t locate Keith he became the first suspect but the next day after the discovery of his family’s bodies a group of hunters discovered the body of Keith, he had been shot three times and his penis was severed. Keith’s car was also discovered out the front of the police station with blood splatter inside the vehicle.

A team of 30 detectives worked full time on the case, they interviewed up to 100 people and followed all possible leads but they came up empty-handed. The Dardeen family were involved in their local Baptist church and the townspeople had positive things to say about the family.

Eventually, detectives had to put more time and effort into other cases in the area as there had been an alarming number of murders and rapes in the area over the previous two years. Two FBI profilers decided to review the evidence and even though they were able to make some suggestions as to what to look for in a perpetrator, in the end, it didn’t bring detectives any closer to catching the killer.

Over the years there were a couple of different suspects including serial killer Ángel Maturino Reséndiz who had a history of travelling around the United States by train-hopping and then picking out victims that live close to the train tracks and he would beat them to death. Detectives were never able to official link him to the murders.

The second suspect was serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells who had been charged with numerous murders and before his trial, he began confessing to detectives what other murders he had committed. Sells would tell detectives that he murdered the Dardeen family but he couldn’t remember any of the details. Some people still to this day believe that Sells was the Dardeen family killer but others believe he lied about being the killer because he was unable to provide any information on the murders that hadn’t been released to the public.

Tommy Lynn Sells was eventually found guilty of the murder of 13-year-old Kaylene Harris and sentenced to death. He was suspected of committing at least 22 murders but he was never charged with any other murders. Sells was executed on April 3rd, 2014. He was never charged with the Dardeen family murders but he is still the number one suspect.

Still to this day, there have been no further developments in this case.

Rest In Peace Russell, Elaine, Peter and their baby daughter who they never got the chance to name.