Murdered Whilst Making A Cup Of Tea

On April 22nd, 2018 mother of three 28-year-old Hollie Kerrell disappeared from her home in Wales. Hollie’s husband Chris Kerrell began to send out text messages to family and friends expressing his concerns when Hollie failed to return home after a fight between the couple.

Chris told police that Hollie had left to start a new life after their fight but detectives weren’t convinced that this was the case. A team of 25 detectives began investigating Hollie’s disappearance within hours of it being reported and that’s when detectives discovered that Chris had bought a mop, bucket and bleach while Hollie was still missing.

Detectives went from house to house to ask the neighbours about Hollie and Chris’ relationship which many described as volatile. Neighbours also reported that the couple had been fighting in their driveway the day before Hollie’s disappearance where Chris had threatened to drive over her mobile phone.

Police began looking into Hollie’s bank statements and saw that there were two purchases made from her cards after her disappearance. CCTV footage showed Chris using Hollie’s cards to buy the mop, bucket and bleach. After asking the public for their assistance, police discovered that Chris had been seen dumping clothes in the school’s clothing bins.

Police decided to arrest Chris for Hollie’s murder but they needed a confession since they had no body. Chris claimed his innocence saying “if I knew where she was, I wouldn’t be sitting here”. During the interrogation, police decided to expand their team to 60 detectives and they searched the marital home where police discovered a hammer in the kitchen bin but there was no blood within the house.

Then police got the big break they were waiting for after a member of the public reported that they had seen Chris on an isolated property far away from any homes. The witness asked Chris what he was doing and he said that he was burying his dead dog. Police found out that the isolated property belonged to Chris’ family and they went and searched the area. After a couple of hours of digging, they found Hollie Kerrell’s body wrapped in a child’s Thomas the tank engine duvet and buried in a shallow grave. Later a pathologist confirmed that Hollie had been struck with a hammer to the back of her head, she also had injuries to her neck and throat.

Detectives decided it was time to put more pressure on Chris about the murder. They started showing him photos of Hollie’s body and asking him questions like why did he wrap the body in a duvet to which he would reply “no comment”. Then unexpectedly six days after Hollie was reported missing, Chris told detectives “I am holding up my hands now and admitting that I murdered Hollie Kerrell”.

Chris murdered his estranged wife after they were arguing in the kitchen, he then went to the garage got a hammer then went back into the kitchen where Hollie was making a cup of tea, he hit Hollie over the head with the hammer then strangled her to death whilst their children were playing outside. Chris then finished the cup of tea that Hollie was making before wrapping her body up in a duvet, he then made the children lunch before putting them in his car and Hollie’s body in the boot before he drove to his mother’s farm where he would bury her body.

Chris Kerrell was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 25 years.

Rest In Peace Hollie Kerrell.

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