Predator With A Plan

One day in December 2008, pensioner Vonne McGlynn suddenly had a stranger knocking aggressively at her front door, she didn’t open the door so the stranger walked around to the back of the house and kept knocking aggressively on her windows and doors. Eventually, McGlynn asked the stranger what they wanted, the stranger was her neighbour Angelika Gavare and what she wanted was to be McGlynn’s carer by demanding she pays her to be her carer, McGlynn rejected her demands and Gavare leaves the premises.

The next day Gavare returned to McGlynn’s home whilst she was out doing her shopping, Gavare climbed onto the roof to get into the house where she waited for McGlynn to return home. Once McGlynn walked into the home Gavare beat her to death with a blunt object, she left McGlynn’s dead body and then returned the next day to dispose of the body.

When she returned the next day Gavare moved McGlynn’s dead body into a shed on her property and used a saw to dismember her. She then wrapped the dismembered body parts and used her daughter’s pram to dump them into the bushland across from their homes.

After McGlynn was reported missing, Gavare told police that McGlynn had gone away and that she wasn’t sure when she would be returning. She also told police that her neighbour had given her permission to access her bank account so that she can redecorate her home whilst she is away, neither the police nor the bank believed this statement and this is what led to the police opening up an investigation into Gavare.

Police searched McGlynn’s house and found a fridge full of food, her glasses were still in the home and they found documents that they would later discover were forged that gave Gavare power of attorney. Police believed that Gavare wanted to steal McGlynn’s home to sell it and to steal her savings but something that was even more concerning was Gavare’s Google search history which included searches for how DNA works and previous murders.

After deciding to search Gavare’s home police discovered some of McGlynn’s property in her home including a Balinese style table and a toaster. Police also discovered a handwritten note by Gavare that said “I deeply regret what I have done in the past last month”. Police then conducted a full-scale search of the area and they found dismembered body parts that would later be identified as Vonne McGlynn. Still to this day her head and hands have never been recovered.

Angelika Gavare was arrested for the murder of Vonne McGlynn, she was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 32 years. In 2015 Gavare was charged with assaulting someone in prison but the details are scarce.

Rest In Peace Vonne McGlynn.

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