“Daddy Shot Mummy”: The Son Who Saw His Dad Murder His Mum

Married couple Michael and Bonnie Haim worked together at Michael’s aunt Eveann’s construction supply company. Eveann has regularly stated that she witnesses Michael being abusive towards Bonnie, there was even an incident in the car park where Michael had slammed Bonnie’s hand in the car door during an argument.

Having had enough of the abuse Bonnie put into place a plan to leave her husband for good. She opened up a secret bank account but Michael found out and made her close it so she decided to give money to a friend to hold onto instead, she also put a deposit down on an apartment and enrolled her 3-year-old son Aaron in a new preschool.

Her plans fell apart on January 6th, 1993 when she arrived home from work around 7:30 pm before she was meant to head over to Eveann’s house to finalise details for a coworkers baby shower but Bonnie called Eveann at 8:30 pm crying and told her she wouldn’t be able to come over tonight because she and Michael had been in an argument. She told Eveann that she would see her in the morning at work but the next day Bonnie didn’t show up for work and Michael called in sick.

Bonnie’s handbag was discovered in a dumpster at a motel near the Jacksonville airport, it still had all her money, cards and ID in it which made police believe that it was not a robbery. Michael then told police that Bonnie had left the home the night before at 11 pm after they argued, he then called his mother Carol to come over and watch Aaron whilst he goes out and looks for Bonnie. According to Carol, he was gone for about 45 minutes before returning home without Bonnie and he never called the police to report her missing. Then the next day Michael called in sick to work but still didn’t report his wife missing.

After the discovery of Bonnie’s handbag authorities searched the Jacksonville airport and found her car but the position of the driver’s seat suggested that a much taller person had been driving the vehicle, authorities also discovered a footprint on the driver’s side foot mat which they believed belonged to Michael since they were able to match the print to a rare style of athletic shoe which he owned.

Since the authorities weren’t making any progress in the case they decided to get a child psychologist to interview Michael and Bonnie’s 3-year-old son Aaron. He told the psychologist that his dad had pushed his mum down, shot her and that his father took him to dispose of his mother’s body where he also threw the shotgun he killed her with off of a bridge. Authorities believed that based on what Aaron told them that Bonnie was most likely the victim of a domestic fight with her husband and then he disposed of her body. Bonnie’s father did not believe that Aaron was telling the truth to the police because he had lied before, he believed his daughter had willingly left and was still alive.

Michael’s family believed he had hurt his wife and they tried to get custody of Aaron, during the custody dispute a judge decided to put Aaron in a foster home. Eventually, Michael’s parental rights were terminated because the judge felt that Aaron was the only witness and therefore was at risk of being abused by his father. Aaron would later be adopted by the Fraser family and then in 2005 Aaron and his adopted parents sued Michael in a civil lawsuit for Bonnie’s death and he was ordered to pay $26.3 million in damages and he was also given the ownership of his childhood home where he says his mother was killed.

In December 2014 whilst renovating his childhood home, Aaron was excavating the backyard when he found human remains. After DNA testing was completed in August 2015 authorities were able to identify the human remains as Bonnie Haim’s which led to Michael Haim being arrested and charged with his wife’s murder.

After years of delays, Michael’s trial began on April 8th, 2019. Numerous witnesses including Aaron, his family and two jail informants testified against Michael with the informants saying that Michael admitted to murdering his wife and burying her body in the backyard. Michael testified in his own defence and denied having any involvement in Bonnie’s murder. On April 12, 2019, Michael Haim was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Rest In Peace Bonnie Haim.

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